From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-01-29

  • So it turns put that a) McDonalds only serves breakfast after 2 am, not hamburgers, and b) McGriddles taste pretty good at 3 am. #
  • And now to bed, Twitterz. My weekend of awesomeness draws to a close. #
  • Learned today that rock wall climbing is not as easy for husky 36 year olds as it is for skinny little second graders. #ouch #sore #fb #
  • Today I did a total of 51 pushups thanks to the Hundred Pushups Android app. (Week 4, Day 1, Level 1) #100Pushups #
  • I'm not suggesting this is true everywhere, but WTF WTF WTF, humanity: #
  • Feeling very guilty that we didn't eat lunch at the Clarmont often enough – and now we don't get to at all. #
  • “Broke My Heart” by Tim Easton is my new jam. ♫ #thisismyjam #
  • "DeFourney…signed up to speak against the zoning change, then asked council members to approve" RT @DispatchTheCity: #
  • WEST WING, season 2, "Bartlet's Third State of the Union", because. #rotopolitics #
  • PBS attempting to scare underage viewers with the random frightening closeup of Joe Lieberman's head. #yikes #
  • Today I did a total of 62 pushups thanks to the Hundred Pushups Android app. (Week 4, Day 2, Level 1) #100Pushups #
  • via @TheAVClub – Don't stay home: The importance of catching the music while you can #
  • Finished with Room, by Emma Donoghue #
  • Hey @vdahlberg! (via @DispatchKitchen)RT @Food_MarkFisher Marion's Piazza sets opening date for new 500-seat restaurant #
  • WOW. A fairly NSFW but absolutely unreal webcomic from @esheepcomix (via @steve_lieber and @warrenellis) #
  • I could be the Walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people. via @youtube #
  • Unclench, sinuses. #
  • Second large mug of Constant Comment this evening. suppose I should have opted for the decaf version? #nah #
  • Attn @vdahlberg RT @CaryWhitt you've got to be kidding file… Toddler & Tiara lawsuit for media sexualizing daughter. #
  • Today I did a total of 67 pushups thanks to the Hundred Pushups Android app. (Week 4, Day 3, Level 1) #100Pushups #

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