From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-03-25

  • Arrived and checked in. Commence to start super especial fun time 3000 go! (@ Disney's Beach Club Resort w/ 6 others) #
  • After all. (@ It's A Small World w/ 3 others) #
  • On our way to Hollywood Studios sans @Peej_Jones, who is apparently never going to wake up. #
  • No jedi academy for Carl. Had to sign up in the early ayem, and we didn't get here until 11:15. Settled for build yer own lightsabers. #fb #
  • Closed out last night at Hollywood Studios backlot. Had the run of the place for 3 hrs – Star Tours & Toy Story incl. #
  • Doing some volunteer sorcery. Carl is pretty jazzed. (@ Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom) [pic]: #
  • Birthday girl has been hugged by Daisy, Pluto, and Pinnochio so far, and we've only been here thirty minutes. #
  • Just, y'know, getting ready to have dinner with Cinderella. (@ Cinderella's Royal Table w/ @peej_jones) [pic]: #
  • Bus back to hotel to put the bday cake in the fridge(!) then BACK to Magic Kingdom for our final evening. Happy bday Nora and @Peej_Jones. #
  • Hustled to get this back to the hotel so I could get back to the park… But so far no bus. :( #
  • Conventions are a lot less run-aroundy when a) you don't have elementary school kids with you and b) more alcohol is involved. #
  • So. Many. Scooters. #
  • CATS CATS CATS #cats #
  • Bobcats!!! DO YOU BELIEVE IT!!! #
  • Damn. #fb #
  • Heartbroken but unbelievably proud. That was maybe one of the best basketball games I've ever seen. Way to go, Bobcats. @ohiou #ohiou #

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