From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-06-17

  • You would be surprised to learn how actually boring my dreams were after seeing PROMETHEUS, even if they were "weird." #dinnerparty #noshit #
  • Mind-breakingly great analysis: what PROMETHEUS was really about. Actually helps salvage it for me. (MASSIVE spoilers!) #
  • I am watching DALLAS. #
  • I say that as explanation for my new all time favorite line, as uttered by JR: "Never pass up an opportunity to shut up." #fb #AWESOME #
  • Also, thus far, this show is not good. JR's line is good advice for these characters in general. #fb #
  • Uh, I'm betting that nobody actually says that in Mexico. #
  • Given the opening line, I'm aghast this didn't come from @mrbeaks ¦ What’s Wrong With Prometheus (a Partial List) #fb #
  • Retitle it THE MANY HUMILIATIONS AND MEANINGFUL LOOKS OF JOHN ROSS EWING and I think you might have something. #fb #
  • Out drinking with eight women because, y'know, I'm awesome. #realkeeping #
  • Wonderful little animated Superman short. No way is MAN OF STEEL going to be this good. #fb #
  • Three Dog Night for Picnic with the Pops. Just occured to me that I could conceivably hear "Eli's Coming" tonight. cc @peej_jones #
  • YESSSSS (THE GAME on blu ray) RT@CharlieChu: WHAAAAA—- #
  • Er… Criterion blu ray, even better yet. #
  • You'd be proud, @karinabrown; Tim and I just destroyed five eight year olds at Laser Tag. cc @vdahlberg #
  • I thought waiting inside Magic Mountain was bad until I discovered the Hell that is waiting outside in the Rookie Kart line. #endless #
  • I don't think Carl's moved but six inches in the last thirty minutes. #
  • I really thought I didn't have to worry about this until he was sixteen. #

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