From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-07-01

  • Bought a dishwasher this morning instead of going to #comfest Unsure how to feel about that. #
  • This ballgame is getting ugly. Three injured in the first. #
  • amused to read @scotusblog ("ACA upheld") at same time as @cnn website ("health care unconstitutional"). Who reads? #
  • email subject line rec'd today: "WE THE FBI HAVE WARRANT TO ARREST YOU GET BACK TO US FOR YOUR OWN GOOD" #ooooookay #fb #
  • I try to remember this every day. #
  • Dahlberg streak of being on vacation when severe weather hits Columbus remains intact. Emptied the freezer and headed back to Mansfield. #fb #
  • In Ontario at my HS alma mater for fireworks. There are So. Many. People. Here. #fb #

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