From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-07-29

  • Couple thoughts occur to me: #
  • 1. The NCAA not exercising the "death penalty" on PSU suggests it'll never happen again, ever. #
  • 2. I missed the 1st part of the press conf so someone please tell me WTF NCAA is going to do w/ $60M, b/c they sure as hell don't need it. #
  • I mean, talk about the wrong person(s) being compensated. Is it going to the victims? #
  • OMFG. Just for the record, y'all, @robcwv wins. He knows why. #
  • I look forward to when the NCAA hands down a 6 year probation for the football program that ritually sacrifices a fan before the big game. #
  • I just got a $2 credit for music from @amazonmp3 and @imdb. Get your credit here: #
  • Oh wow, Sally Ride passed away. #
  • BATMAAAAAAAAAAN (@ AMC Lennox Town Center 24 for The Dark Knight Rises w/ 10 others) #
  • Insta-reaction: more BEGINS than DARK KNIGHT, but still good. Fitting conclusion. #
  • no, by all means, random person, please simply drop into my office and ask to meet with me unannounced. #
  • Someone in Columbus needs to start serving Jackson County Veals. Craving right now, 70+ mins from anywhere sells 'em. (attn @lizlessner) #
  • First the veal thing, and now I'd give my right arm for a can of Ski. My head must be in southeastern Ohio this weekend. #
  • Wonder if either are available at the Fair? Anyone know? #
  • Hairs cut. All of em. #
  • My kids have suddenly decided to start doing incline pushups in the living room. What time does the gym close? Feeling outclassed. #

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