From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-08-05

  • Fair time! (@ Ohio State Fair 2012 w/ 28 others) [pic]: #
  • Fair! Without the kids! Pics incoming! #
  • Egg on a stick! #latergram #ohiostatefair #
  • Ohio State sues Columbus T-shirt shop over unlicensed Buckeyes, Urban Meyer designs. via @columbusbiz1st #
  • of course, the funny part of that story to me is that OSU — OSU!! — is trademarking the name "Urban Meyer". #
  • Congrats to @knottyyarn on the book. @sethhurley, you know how to pick 'em. #
  • …between the sheets? #
  • One of my favorites: a panoramic shot I took at the Ohio State Fair on Tuesday evening. #
  • How many members of @wilco can play w lee renaldo band before its not lee renaldo band anymore? #
  • Sound difference btw this show for renaldo and the gig at nelsonville is amazing, and that show was pretty great to begin with. #
  • Is it too late to tell everyone that Art of Almost is the best song on the new album? #
  • Someone tell @PelotonWestgate to stop checking his phone. Wait, I can do that. #
  • NELS. #
  • If they end up playing Ashes of American Flags, I will probably die of happiness. #
  • I Am Trying into Kamera. Tell me I imagined that. #
  • Nels showcase time. #
  • Shot in the arm! #
  • Omg airline to heaven. #
  • Okay, so, oreillys. #

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