From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-08-19

  • I'm smitten. #
  • Someone else is too. #
  • Brian May appearing as Brian May. #
  • The Ur-May. #
  • Oh good, I was really hoping to follow the Olympics with a shitty NBC sitcom. #
  • It figures: new dog Lola is a snorer. #cpapfordogs #
  • Hey, why are all these people standing in the parking lot? #mumford #
  • Mumford. #nofilter #latergram #
  • Nightmare fuel: "This is a Special Time": (but, OTOH, TOTALLY checking this place out in Philly this October.) #
  • Wow, Cord Phelps. Solo homer over center field, bounced into second floor Rooster's. What a shot! @CLBClippers #
  • Ah, the first instance of doggie destruction resulting from the 7 o'clock Crazies: everyone's favorite. #fb #
  • Could pretty much just stand in front of Mya's all day. Smells SO. GOOD. #
  • In a perfect world, everyone would read Ezra Klein |Romney: Obama‚Äôs plan raises taxes on middle class. Is he right? #fb #

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