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Lego Death Star: The Beginning.

We’d been saving this one for a while.  Carl’s been after us for at least two years now about this Lego Death Star.  Ridiculously large and expensive, it’s like the Holy Grail of licensed Lego kits.  I figured his Lego obsession would run its course and that he’d move on to the latest fad… and yet, here we are, two years after he started working Lego kits, and he was dead set on it.

So Val had the idea that we would band together with our parents and my sister and Ronda and PJ, and in the interests both of answering Carl’s prayers and… controlling the amount of birthday detritus we’d be facing, we’d bite the bullet.  Two parties and a ton of birthday gifts later, we wound up with the video above, today.

I figure at 3,800+ pieces, we’ll have lots of time to track his progress as it’s slowly assembled.  More pictures and videos to come.