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An update, of sorts. I have negelected this for far too long, now…

So. Here’s where we stand:

1) I passed the bar exam and was sworn in on November 13, 2001. Fear my legal mojo.

2) There are now a scant TWENTY-NINE days until my — our — wedding, and things are… well, things are busy. We got a lot of stuff done early, but there’s still lots more to do before Christmas.

3) Missed the comic con this past weekend in Columbus, but I hear tell that it was a lot of fun. Anyone reading this go?

4) SPY GAME is a damn good movie. And OCEAN’S 11 is out next week. Hee!

5) The world is obviously a different place than it was back in August when I last updated this thing, but I’m determined not to let this coming month be any less exciting than it promises to be. This is gonna be GREAT.

That’s all, for the moment.