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Left-Brained World

OK, first, click here and check out this image. (Totally safe, I promise, but I don’t want to break the front page.) Click back when you’ve watched for a bit.

Was she moving clockwise or counterclockwise?

Try it again. Figure it out. Then check out what it means at this story in Australia’s HERALD SUN.

(And yes, you CAN make it switch, but once I did, I had real trouble making it go back. Weird!)

(via kottke)

Vote Early and Often, for a Brighter Tomorrow


But no hidden “Easter Eggs” that I could find, which is kind of disappointing. Seems like it wouldn’t take much effort to throw something to the fans, a la (which appears to have gone the way of the dodo, sadly — I can’t even get the Wayback Machine to cough up an old version.) Or was that the first step in the Lost Experience alternative reality game, and HEROES is not quite so adventurous or ambitious?