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Hey, A Movie!

A first for the dahlbergcentral staff: we made a movie. Sort of.

This will require a lengthier explanation than we have time for. Suffice it to say that the very, very extended Dahlberg family has an almost sixty-year tradition of celebrating Labor Day by dressing up and acting out crazy, barely-hilarious-to-anyone-but-us skits, generally aided and abetted by the consumption of frosty adult beverages. Over the last say ten to twelve years, we've gotten away from the actual annual celebration, and only meet up now every couple of years -- but every year, regardless of whether there's a reunion or not, there's a Program, a compliation of pictures and jokes and family updates put together by our faithful Editors in Oregon.

And this year, they went digital. So this is what we gave them. The very first (but probably not the last) C&S Films production, shot on location in Dallas, Wellston and Columbus, and starring our adorable family.



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