From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-03-11

  • I just got a $1 credit for songs and albums @amazonmp3. to get yours. #hollerforadollar #
  • On page 203 of 400 of John Henry Days, by Colson Whitehead #
  • VAN HALEN III this morning, because Gary Cherone, that's why. #betterthanIremember #andIlikeditfinethefirsttime #
  • Pal Casey just called: Operation Radiohead in Cleveland 2012 is a GO. #
  • Today's WTF CD rediscovery: Cato Salsa Experience, A GOOD TIP FOR A GOOD TIME. Can't remember exactly when I bought, but it's not bad. #
  • Not sure what it says about me that I still laugh at WIPEOUT, despite constant cringing at potential injuries. Carl's fav show. #dontjudgeme #
  • “Drown” by The Smashing Pumpkins is my new jam. ♫ #
  • How Aaron Sorkin's West Wing Inspired a Legion of Lyman Wannabes | Politics | Vanity Fair #
  • "@OHIOAlumni: Memor. svc for Brian Collins today at 11. " cc @gdwiz @JennWiswell @Peej_Jones @MeredithMartino @kgrennan #
  • Columbus peeps: NCIL teeball/baseball/softball registration again today @ whetstone rec, 10-1. I won't be there (sorry) but go anyway! #

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