From the Twitterz: Week of 2012-08-12

  • finished Ten Thousand Saints: A Novel by Eleanor Henderson #Kindle #
  • I dream of a world where every other email I receive doesn't come from a political campaign. #spam #seriouslyyouguys #toomany #
  • current status: dejected (dog related). #
  • Strange visitor, garden edition. #
  • best part of Spotify is that it's letting me cheat and catch up on 20+ years of Columbus music, more or less free. np: Scrawl, SMALLMOUTH #
  • oh hey rain #
  • “Art Of Almost” by Wilco is my new jam. ♫ #
  • This morning's breakfast. Dear God. #nofilter #reallythatbig #
  • On the advice of counsel and radar, we have adjourned from the boat to the cabin, pending rain. #fb #
  • Also, this game is Wrong. #wrong #
  • Last time I go away for the weekend by myself. Sounds like Val's already replaced me. #dog #

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